The take away of this program

When it comes to living out our divinely guided life purpose, evolution and revolution go hand and hand. It causes us to ask ourselves “Why am I here?” and “Who am I meant to be?”

Finding our life purpose is all about diving deep within to find what truly lights us up with happiness and fulfillment. It’s the blending of the masculine logical hunter energy and the feminine flowing receiving energy that is the core of balanced creation.

It’s not about who we show to the world or the many different hats we have to wear throughout the day; it’s about those quiet moments in the morning when you can either wake up totally lit up about your life and pinching yourself because you can’t believe you’re so lucky to get to live the life you love or you wake up dreading it.

My three-part intensive is to help you move your life purpose to the next level.

• Maybe you know what you want to do but you have no idea how to create a successful multi-million dollar business around it with multiple streams of income.
• Maybe you already created a successful business around your life purpose but something feels off or it needs to be tweaked to be fully in alignment with your vision and you can’t figure out what it is.
• Or maybe you have an incredibly successful career and everything you could want on paper but for some reason it doesn’t fulfill you and drains your energy instead of charging you up.

No matter where you are in the evolution of you, recognizing that you are ready for the next step is key. No one on this Earth has the uniquely gifted abilities that you do and only you can create the revolution to change the world. Over the next 12 weeks, you will learn the keys to unlocking a life bigger and better than you could ever imagine beyond your wildest dreams.

Module One; – is focused on setting a strong foundation in your sense of purpose so you can experience deep fulfillment, boundless gratitude and profound meaning in your everyday life.

Module Two – is focused on implementing your new life and overcoming the bumps in the road that come up when you’re up-leveling.

Module Three – is focused on cleaning up anything left over that isn’t in alignment with the new foundation/brand/lifestyle.

You’ll create more joy, more money, and more fulfillment while building your dream business and still have time for you. By the end of it you’ll walk away with your ideal soul mate clients, fully developed products/packages/programs, and the support to keep you on track the whole way!


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90-Minute Weekly Private Coaching Sessions

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Check out what other happy clients have to say!


Kariann Price

“Nicole is one of those much needed “old souls” in a modern time where many of us are in such need of healing, light, and guidance. During my sessions, she has revealed layers of my soul’s journey that I did not know existed. That alone is a treasure, but her healing has helped me as well. Don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity, especially if you’ve ever wondered about it.”

– Kariann Price

“Nicole is one of a kind. Within minutes she was able to assess my situation and get down to the core of my business. Nicole really inspired me to take my business to the next level. As of today I am completely out on my own, continuing my personal training and I started a weekly boot camp. Nicole has a gift, and I am so fortunate I was able to experience it. If you are serious about developing your business AND having a fuller life, Nicole is your go -to. Talk about a game changer!”

– RJ Muniz

Jacqueline Yvette

“I uncovered ALL that’s holding me back from literally catapulting my success. And it’s as simple as letting go. If you’ve got all the “pieces” set up but you’re still wondering what it is that’s holding you back from reeaaalllly embodying your highest vibration and highest self and achieving the massive success you want, you need to chat with Nicole!”

– Jacqueline Yvette

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