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About Participating in a BETA Test Coaching Program

From the start of our company we have always believed in being the leaders of innovative exploration and creative ingenuity in our industry, and that meant we needed to be able to test our theories. We knew that the only way that we could effectively refine and master these new realms of expansion around healthy relationships is by testing them. 

Our BETA Test Coaching Programs allow us to explore the innovative techniques, concepts, and coaching practices that we learned from our long hours of research. We believe in being experts in our field and we know the only way we can do that from a place of integrity is by testing what we think we know. Being able to edit and refine our work before we launch a program, means that we can more effectively help people on a global scale. 

We know there's always going to be kinks in the road, ways for us to improve, and new insights, but we feel it's important to be able to get as much of that processed before launching our content to the world. Having concise clarity, knowing every detail of our work, how to help facilitate others to use it, and why it's important is the reason we're able to empower others to do the same. It's one of the most important parts of the process, and honestly, one of the most fun! 

The opportunity to see our hours of hard work, research, interviews, and self-reflective processing come to life in a way that can truly help other's the way it's helped us is beyond incredible. We think the only thing better than having the epiphanies yourself is helping others to do the same. That's why we're also excited that it offers people the ability to receive our coaching at a deeply discounted rate (approximately 80% less than our regular programs and events) without compromising our integrity.

These programs and events come to life because of the work we all put into it, research volunteers and BETA testers included. None of it would be possible without them and their genuine willingness to be open, share their hearts and souls with us, and help us explore ourselves on a new level. We also recognize that as we expand and evolve, as individuals and a company, we also call in new levels of consciousness in our clients. That means keeping the door open to new people who can help guide us through their experiences so we can guide them to the next level. If you know thats you and you're excited to explore the next level with us, make sure to hit that APPLY HERE button and see where life takes you! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or scroll down to get more information on the details of the program and how it works, and a more in-depth look at what we'll specifically be testing as well as the research behind the program.

Topics Covered in This Program

We'll be focusing on our subconscious expectations, perspectives, conditions and identities around LOVE! Plus, processing through these 8 Layers of Consciousness to be able to release self-limiting beliefs permanently.

  • Courage - What I think is bad! 
  • Anger - How other's treat me is bad!
  • Guilt - What I do is bad!
  • Shame - Who I am is bad!
  • Value - What I have to offer is bad!
  • Role - Who I need to be is bad!
  • Worth - Who I actually am is bad!
  • Needs - What I need is bad!

Our new program is focusing on processing through the first four layers more thoroughly than ever before, teaching two new skill concepts, and testing the effectiveness as well as the importance of going the extra 4 layers deep!

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