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There's so many reasons why traditional therapy and coaching hasn't worked for many people around the world. Some concepts are helpful and create opportunities for us to improve, but many of them fall short or have a limited affect. So what does it take to ACTUALLY break through COMPLETELY and tap into the LOVE you know you DESERVE? 

It's a Journey into the Heart of Love, and we're Going 8 Layers Deep! 


It's time to free our hearts, free our minds, and free our souls by coming together from around the world to heal ourselves and each other in the process of taking a bold leap towards saying yes and showing up for ourselves. And by lighting the path for each other through our shared experiences and heartfelt support. Because guess what?! You're completely and totally lovable AS IS. Come as you ARE, not as you think you need to be! And it's one thing to KNOW that, but it's a totally different level of heart-aligned healing and universal support to actually FEEL it.

The best part of this event is the COMMUNITY it creates. Every time. It's the support. It's the love. 

It's never anything anyone says or does; it's simply the love, support, and epic acceptance you'll feel in your heart. This isn't a "knowing" conference. Sure you'll learn things, but it's more actually unlearning things, and unleashing your inner guidance on a new level, without YOU in the way. You don't need to know more than what's already in your heart. You're here to be free. You're here to glow. And to grow past your fears. Because that's all they are, simply just fears. Information, your body needs to feel safe and secure. That's all that's missing. And you're here, because you know, you don't need to do it alone.

You're here to HEAL. You're here to FEEL. 

You're here to be FELT, FOUND, KNOWN, and LOVED.

Because the world DOES care about you. The universe DOES support you. You don't have change a damn thing, in fact, you get to be even more YOU! And the only thing standing in your way of truly FEELING that, is getting the fuck out of the way, and LETTING IT SHOW UP FOR YOU>

You need to know you matter. But more importantly, you need to be able to feel it. Not just a little. Not just sometimes. But a lot. Always. No matter what. Unshakably. 

It's time to see yourself, hear yourself, and feel yourself for the EPIC god/goddess you truly are with all of your extraordinary gifts and unique talents. 

It's time to be FREE, and EPIC, and LOVED. 

And most of all.

It's time to simply - BE YOU, LOVED BY YOU.



Join us into the EPIC journey we call the Heart of Love. 

And just say YES to you!

Topics Covered

We'll be focusing on our subconscious Expectations, Perspectives, Identities and Conditions around LOVE! Plus, processing through these 8 Layers of Consciousness to be able to release self-limiting beliefs permanently.

  • Courage - What I think is bad! 
  • Anger - How other's treat me is bad!
  • Guilt - What I do is bad!
  • Shame - Who I am is bad!
  • Value - What I have to offer is bad!
  • Role - Who I need to be is bad!
  • Worth - Who I actually am is bad!
  • Needs - What I need is bad!

This event is focusing on processing through the first four layers more thoroughly than ever before by teaching several new key skill concepts as well as the importance of going the extra four layers deep!

Ready to rediscover what makes you happy and feeds your soul?


Conference Information

Event Information

The Heart of Love is a 3-Day Virtual Conference that will help you change your perspective on love and get to its  core!

From our research, we've found that most therapists and coaches only focus on the first 4 of our 8 layers, leaving their clients still feeling stuck behind a wall in many areas of their lives (or sometimes just one big one that dominos into the rest). 

Our new program is focusing on processing through the first four layers more thoroughly than ever before, teaching two new skill concepts, and testing the effectiveness as well as the importance of going the extra 4 layers deep!

This program is for individuals in every relationship status including: single, dating, engaged, married, open-marriage, divorce, and post-divorce. It focuses both on the individual (and any current relationship) to have a total shift in your perspective of yourself as well as what's real and what's possible for you personally and professionally.

Friday, September 20th through Sunday, September 22nd



Meet & Greet 4pm - 5pm EST

Opening Ceremonies 6pm - 7pm EST

BONUS Special Guest Hangout ONE 7pm - 8pm EST


Session One 9am - 1pm EST 

  • Covering Courage and Anger
  • 15 min. break at 11am EST

Session Two 2pm - 6pm EST

  • Covering Guilt and Shame
  • 15 min. break at 4pm EST

BONUS Special Guest Hangout TWO 7pm - 8pm EST


Session Three 9am - 1pm EST 

  • Covering Value and Role
  • 15 min. break at 11am EST

Session Four 2pm - 6pm EST

  • Covering Worth and Needs
  • 15 min. break at 4pm EST

Closing Ceremonies 7pm - 8pm EST 


  • All sessions will be recorded and available to view after the conference.
  • Each session will include two topic segments with teaching, discussion, individual coaching, and question and answer portions for each.
  • The conference will be conducted LIVE online via Zoom with video and commenting opportunities for participants.
  • We highly suggest taking advantage of our Meet and Greet hour to make sure you have everything set up and can easily connect to the conference, as well as network with fellow participants ahead of time.
  • Our BONUS Special Guest Hangout Sessions are only available for specific participants who qualify (through early bird registration as well as other opportunities). Those who qualify will receive a separate email with the Zoom link and special guest information.

Registration Details


- Individual $2,400 USD / 3 payments of $800

- Couple $3,600 USD / 3 payments of $1,200


Register by 8/15/19 and Save $400!

PLUS gain access to our BOTH of our BONUS Special Guest Hangouts!!

- Individual $2,000 USD
- Couple $3,2000 USD

Registration Process

Once your application has been received, you will be approved or denied within 24 hours. If your application is approved, you will be sent a payment link based on your payment preference (in full or through our payment plan). Only after your payment has been received is your spot secured. 



“Everyone was authentic, real and sincere. It is a great feeling to feel connected with wonderful people. We are same, with the same desire to be better, to be an instrument of love and peace. It is a confirmation, for me, that I am on a right track. I feel more confident and less alone, because I saw this week with the group that we share the same desire, which is happiness and love. I feel more encouraged."


Saskatchewan, Canada

“My favorite part was the authenticity and honest energy I felt from most everyone. That is so refreshing! It is like a dream come true for me. I sense a freedom and unconditional acceptance which is hug-able. I know it was only a week but the feeling of authenticity really encouraged me! So much confirmation for me too. Nice balance and semi laid-back feeling. I'm taking away from this a more aliened and less confused position on the subjects taught. I am much more inspired and stronger for moving forward. Also, I believe in this type of spiritual freedom which makes practical sense and loves all. It seems like a big conformation just to finally meet and talk with people who function on this level. Spiritual, loving but very real about it and yet human too."


Saskatchewan, Canada

“When I signed-up I didn't have any expectations, I just knew it was where I was supposed to be. I could not wait to gather with like-minded people who were so open to learning and sharing! It was a safe and welcoming place, and it was so amazing to make new friends across countries. If you would like to shift your mind with a group of amazing teachers and classmates, in the comfort of your own home, I highly recommend it. It will reset your soul!"


Connecticut, USA


"It was so nice to spend time with like minded souls. A safe place to share and learn."


"Amazing experience, you will make new friends and discover your true emotions. I loved it!"


"A refreshing and stirring experience. With truly authentic encouraging spiritual teachers."


"Truly authentic encouraging people who are fun, warm and welcoming. It will surely inspire you!"


"It felt really awesome to be part of a group sharing from the heart. I felt truly cared about!"


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