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Welcome Beautiful Souls!

From Nicole

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! I’m happy we were able to connect at this moment in time and I hope what I share with you expands your life in bigger and better ways than you could ever imagine!

It is my belief that we are all born with uniquely incredible gifts beyond the scope of what most consider reality. As we grow up to find our place in society, family, relationships, etc. we forget these gifts and become weighed down by things that are not inherently us. I have been given the divinely guided purpose as your Soul Goal Guide to remind you of the powerful person you are inside and to help you uncover the amazing tools you already have within yourself to make your life happier, easier and more fulfilling!

I launched my first business as an 18-year-old busy college student in Boston focusing on sales and leadership business coaching, training at dozens of seminars across the nation led by top female business coaches who built multi-million dollar international empires themselves. By the age of 20, I was closing high paying clients on the spot and profiting over $5,000 working less than 20 hours per week.

Fast forward two years later, I was sitting on a bench in the rooftop garden of my Gramercy apartment building in New York City after a super successful sales day, looking at the gorgeous view of the Chrysler Building, living on paper what I thought was my dream. And all I could feel was so unhappy.

There was something missing and I took off several years to find it…to find me. I traveled the world learning the secrets, cutting edge practices, and key concepts to unlocking a life easier and happier than ever imaginable.

I was blessed to grow up with spiritually conscious entrepreneur parents in a household that encouraged a balanced lifestyle. I learned from them both the business world and the spiritual world from an early age allowing me to practice my skills and hone my gifts. This also taught me the energetics of business and the very delicate energy balance needed to attain the highest success in the most efficient ways.

Which brings me to my uniquely valuable gift. The technical term is for what I do is “Empathic Claircognizance”. Whether you’ve seen it in movies or read it in books, most people are familiar with the gift of telepathy – the ability to read peoples thoughts. My gift of empathy is similar yet more powerful – it’s the ability to read people’s feelings. Combine that with claircognizance – the ability to acquire psychic knowledge and I can tell you a lot about yourself.

Through my work, I have found that most people can tell you what they think but few can tell you what they feel and even fewer know why they feel that way. Knowing why you feel a certain way is one of the key pieces to being able to change your life in dramatic and what some consider magical ways.

When I tap into it, my gift allows me to know almost everything about a complete stranger including past/present/future lives, personality, sense of humor, desires, wants, needs, motives, etc. This allows me guide my clients on a deeper level and help them access things they need as well as remove the blocks that are preventing them from having what they want.

The biggest thing it does, that my clients always come to me for, is it allows me to teach you how to identify, transform, and strategize energy. This opens so many new doors! It gives you the ability to more efficiently and more easily attain your goals, access a new profound state of happiness and consciousness, and have more energy to live in the present moment connecting on a deeper level with the people around you.

I created the Soul Goal Guide couple's programs, events, and individual coaching to guide you on this journey of energetic transformation to achieve life-altering soul-goal level results. They are the culmination of all the keys that have allowed me to miraculously cure chronic diseases, turn the deepest emotional pain into the most pleasurable growth, live in a profound state of love and happiness as well as have 10x growth in all of my businesses.

And the best part is that it’s all possible for you too.

It’s just waiting for you to unlock it within yourself…and we wouldn’t have been connected in this divinely guided moment in time if you weren’t ready for the keys to unlock it.

Welcome to the Soul Goal Guide!



About Nicole Lynn

Nicole Lynn is a second generation Reiki Master and Intuitive Business & Couples Coach with over 20 years of experience working with energy, vibrations and the spiritual realm as well as 10 years of sales, leadership, and business coaching experience.

She specializes in working with inspiring artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs around the world.

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“My time with Nicole has been life changing! My vibration is higher and I have a better understanding of myself! I looked forward to the lessons and got so much out of each one!”

Nicole Lynn Soul Goal Guide Couples Coaching Artists Entertainers Entrepreneurs Coach Life Changing

Manitoba, Canada

“I have been searching for guidance to connect with my spiritual side. Nicole has been amazing at teaching the basics as well as pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, really getting to know myself and understanding my own needs in order to move forward.”

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Pennsylvania, USA

“Nicole is the most loving, non-judgmental human being on the planet and has a way of engaging all of us to feel positive and upbeat while learning and experiencing lots of cool stuff!”

Nicole Lynn Soul Goal Guide Coaching Artists Entertainers Entrepreneurs Coach Life Positive Loving

New Jersey, USA

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